Ugly Media gets down and dirty!

Hello and Welcome to our new website. We have spent the past couple weeks of down time, mostly due to the holidays, working on our own website for the first in a long while. As they always say, the roofer has holes in his roof, the cobbler has no shoes to wear, and the web development company doesn't have an awesome website. Well, we hope we haven't upset anyone by breaking tradition!

If you have visited our site before you will undoubtedly notice we have added a lot more information, primarily about our services. We now offer web development packages at a more cost effective price point than custom development. Currently we are only offering a real estate website package and an eCommerce website package. As time passes we will surely be developing more web design packages to expand on what we already have. Each one of our packages is, in a sense, fully custom. As part of the package we will provide a unique custom design, we do not believe in themes or templates here at Ugly Media. On top of that we will setup the CMS, content management system, on your server and apply the necessary configurations to make sure you site operates properly. In addition we will also assist you with product / property migration from your current database into the new database.

Our packages come on the heals of a newly started project we have dubbed UCMS. UCMS is our own iteration of a content management system that also doubles as an application development framework, following the typical MVC architecture. Combining a ready made CMS structure that is able to hook into applications on the fly and enable end users to configure them with ease makes programming complex web applications far easier and faster for us, which means you get the goods faster. It has also allowed us to create packages for our customers that are much more cost effective than a fully custom service you would typically receive.

We are not done just yet with the awesome news, there is much more to come in the next couple months. We will be rolling out many more services to help our customers maximize their ROI and minimize the administration overhead. We feel this is key to use since we love working on website design projects for small businesses and Mom N Pop shops. Come back soon to see what we have in store

Ugly Media Team

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