Our web development crew

Lead Programmer

Nicholas has been with us since the beginning as one of the founders. His background is in Web Development having spent 7 years working on website development projects and managing teams of web developers. With a strong background programming and integrating brilliantly functional user interfaces we can assure you any website design project you have will come out spectacularly.

Creative Director

Mikhail, or Mike as we like to call him, is our creative director who has an equally impressive background in web design and development as Nicholas. His talent for managing web design and development companies really shows in our list of past web development projects. Mike is our other founder he along with Nicholas have always loved creating things and showing off what they can do so it is just befitting that they run such a great company as Ugly Media.

Lead Designer

Andrew is our head creative who is in charge of all our designers. Andrew has spent many years, too many to count, studying graphic design and website user interface design. His leadership skills make him a key individual in our company whom without we certainly wouldn't produce such stunningly beautiful website designs and layouts.

Recent News

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Hey I just wanted to let you guys know you definitely did not live up to your name. There was nothing ugly about what you created. I am so thoroughly pleased I will most definitely be back again. If only all the companies we deal with where as awesome as you guys are, business would be so much better.

Thank you again.

Bryan, TPS Inc.