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DDates was a concept site for one of our clients we did website design mock ups for. The idea behind the site is to rate your date and provide valuable information to others who might also share a meal or drink with this individual. The client had wanted a vast array of user interactive features including one-click reviews, commenting, private message board, and take down request system to name a few.

We set aside a team to handle the backend web development needs of ddates including a database architect and sysadmin. Our clients had planned for nearly 250,000 visitors a day. That amount of traffic meant we not only had to handle the website development but also put in place a CDN and load balancing software to make sure the site would not crash. Unfortunately the design phase was the furthest we got and the project has been placed on what looks to be a permanent hold.

One thing we did get to focus on was creating the graphic for the main splash image. The generally idea was to show one person getting ignored by another, whom is obviously not so polite. The client requested very specific details for the design of the person getting ignored, they needed to look upset and very angry. The general design needed to look very animated in final form. I think we got it done for them

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