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Flash Drives Direct is a wholesale provider of flash drives. They requested we do a complete overhaul, design and development of a CMS, for their web store. This was not a typical web development project since our ecommerce website package would not work for them and they required a wealth of extras and add ons. They sell products based on a quantity style pricing structure and customize their products. So we took the standard ecommerce solution and added a few new features to accommodate their needs. Not only did we handle the front end website development we also programmed a suite of applications for them to use internally including a quote distribution system, global price algorithm which calculates prices daily, and an employee timeclock

The web design part of the project was very fun, we had completely free range with design concepts. The only limitation we had was to keep it modern looking and not to many illustrations. We held a competition between our 3 web designers and our graphic designer to see who could come up with the most interesting design. The decision was unanimous and we went with the design we codenamed 'blue_jeans'.

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